We can help you perform end-to-end payroll processing for your company so you can focus on growing your business; all you have to do is select the services you need:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Overtime calculations
  • Income tax calculations
  • Jamsostek filing and reporting
  • Income tax filing and reporting
  • Salary payment management
  • Jamsostek payment management
  • Income tax payment management
  • Liaison to tax and government bodies



Whether you want to call it Personnel Employment Outsourcing (PEO), Labor Supply (LS) or temporary contract staffing, we are here to service your temporary staffing needs. If you are managing short-term projects, need to evaluate staff before hiring on a permanent basis, or simply prefer short to medium-term employee life cycles, we think we have the solutions for you.

Similar to a temporary agency, the temporary staff will be signed to an agreement with us and receive:

  • Work contract
  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Death / life insurance
  • Social security / pension fund
  • Employee ID card
  • Employee pay / salary slip
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Performance appraisal administration
  • Annual, maternity & leave administration


Let us help you manage employees’ contracts and time sheets so you can do the more important HR tasks like strategy and policy development. The tasks are time-consuming & administrative in nature but have enough routine and variable elements to them with tight deadlines to warrant proper attention to ensure accurate and timely deliverables.

Our Human Resources Support Services (HRSS) scope of work includes

  • Developing company HR policy book
  • Administering contracts to temporary employees
  • Reminding users on contract expiration for extension
  • Answering employee questions on contract clauses
  • Data entry of employees' attendance records / time sheets
  • Document filing and archiving of employee files and records
  • Tracking employees’ performance appraisal / scorecard history


We focus our recruitment efforts on non-management / clerical positions to help you find the executors of your company’s policies and procedures. The positions we regularly source are:

  • Customer service agents
  • Call center operators
  • Administration clerk
  • Debt collectors
  • Receptionists
  • Secretaries


We can help you with routine, short-term or one-time projects using outbound calls, field survey and/or other means to deliver on a customized budget.  Services include:

  • Market survey
  • Customer research
  • Database cleansing
  • Database verification
  • Loan application verification
  • Internal courier / document pick-up


This simulation is easy! Quickly simulate a basic budget for labor supply services. Simply enter the basic salary you desire & the total budget* you need will appear. Need more information? Contact us.

* Terms & conditions apply.
Contract Period
Desired Basic Salary
Gross Basic Salary before being deducted by personal income tax / PPh 21 (borne by employee)
Total Invoice (E - F) -
A Overtime
Total Overtime payment as per calculated & approved overtime hours
  Transport Allowance
Total Transportation Allowance per company regulations
  Health Insurance
Health Insurance – Assuming coverage by Jamsostek, the charge is capped at Rp 30.000 (for single staffs) & Rp 60.000 (for married staffs & coverage includes spouse & up to 3 children)
  Accident & Death Insurance
Jamsostek Accident & Death Insurance premium is 0.54% of Basic Salary (depends on business sector)
  Pension Insurance (JHT)
Jamsostek Pension fund (JHT) contribution is 3.7% of Basic Salary from employer (2% from employee)
  13th Month Salary (THR)
13th month salary (THR) payment installed to OI
  Total Compensation & Benefits -
B Management Fee (A x 15%) ? -
C Subtotal Budget (A + B) -
D Value Added Tax (C x 10%) -
E Total Budget for 1 Employee / Month (C + D) -
F Withholding Tax (B x 2%) -

Notes & Assumptions

  • This simulation is only for labor supply / personnel employment outsourcing (PEO) services
  • Employee is responsible for income tax (PPh 21), not employer
  • Health insurance can use Jamsostek or private insurer
  • Employer pension (JHT) contribution is 3.7%
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