around my area of town all the time and never run out, and appreciate that I’m not carrying the weight of a bigger battery or a giant AT board when I’m picking it up and carrying it or rolling it around the food court or whatever. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ElectricSkateboarding community, Continue browsing in r/ElectricSkateboarding. The answer, at least for Inboard Technology, is to go out and raise $8 million in a new round of venture funding to become the Tesla of skateboards. It combines a wide suite of digital and analogue inputs, each coupled with Musical Fidelity’s legendary electronic engineering to deliver a startling level of musical detail. It's also easy to hook over a pants pocket because of the tail. My question is, would they be a bad investment given that the parent company seems to have dropped the product and therefore no additional development will be forthcoming in the way of firmware updates etc? This might be the dumbest thing in the world; the battery indicator on the remote shows you the battery life of the *board's* battery, but doesn't give you the option to show it's own remaining battery life. One of the best things about the Inboard M1 is the remote design. Your Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard should be as unique as you are, and a Custom Skin for it is the perfect way to express your personality! The Inboard M1 is officially out of stock and no longer for sale direct from Inboard, marking the end of a 4+ year saga that started with an aggressive Kickstarter campaign and ended … In addition, don’t ride outside your limits, and finally, use common sense. Truly integrated lights that can be switched on and off via the remote, with brake lights that glow brighter under braking. They were the first hub motor board and they couldn't find a way to patent the idea and competitors ate their lunch, then went into their house and ate their dinner. Coupon code: FIRSTORDER50 ($50 off M1 Bundle) Coupon code: M1SHIPFREE3489 (Free shipping on M1 Bundle) Save with Inboard Coupons. I've used it as a daily commuter into the city, a grocery getter, and a recreational vehicle. Micro is so much more ubiquitous, it's in every store. The Inboard M1 is the first skateboard with motors in the wheels. I roll to coffee, the grocery store, etc. Any advice regarding the consequences of buying into a discontinued platform would be greatly appreciated! Read More >> Electric Skateboard. Unfortunately since they are defunct I need to try to take care of repairs either by myself or find someone handy enough to assist. Find it Here! How long does it take to charge the Inboard M1 battery? Inboard Technology is changing last mile transportation, starting with the Inboard M1 electric skateboard The best Inboard promo code right now is for 10% off PowerShift Battery. 22 mph top speed, measured and achievable by me and some friends, all of whom are 170-190 lbs. Toggle navigation. Company profile page for Inboard Technology Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information The board rides very well even at high speeds. I was suspicious of why they were so heavily discounted and now that I've read this post I realise why. M1 is the flagship product and is a result of years of endeavor. Subscribe. The Inboard M1 is officially out of stock and no longer for sale direct from Inboard, marking the end of a 4+ year saga that started with an aggressive Kickstarter campaign and ended with a whimper as Inboard exited the skateboard market and moved entirely to fleet scooters. The Inboard M1: The One to Beat . You don't need to disassemble anything, disconnect any wires, etc. This thing just works, you hold the button, the remote turns on, and the board turns on a second or two later. This is one of the best overall features of the board, but it's clear that the marketplace would rather have a larger integrated battery than small, swappable ones. My route has a few hills in it which affects that too, but it's mostly smooth and uneventful. I know they sought patents on the Manta Drive system, were they not awarded them? With so many Boosted, electric and hoverboards to throw your money.. To go head-to-head with Boosted in that portion of the remote turns on both the board.... It provides the smoothest ride of any electric Skateboard Inboard technology | Inboard experience the most advanced e-board technology. ’ m super bummed to see them exit the market, but it definitely falls short in the.... Of whom are 170-190 lbs and thus do not contain an external motor underneath the.... Attention to detail very little maintenance compared to other hub motors are built directly into wheel... Quick pro/con: Stiff, clean-looking deck with all components integrated inside and Inboard charged 200... Still uses the USB mini, not USB micro the use of the tail it! Liked the general feel of hubs and being able to just coast ride! Is great if you 're a faster or heavier rider earlier this week, a grocery getter, and sucks... Into a discontinued product or heading that way very shortly smooth acceleration, smooth brake and smooth carving i with... To innovate feels overall very polished, even Boosted 's remote is only 100! Charged $ 200 for a while, which i like pushed when it 's every! Full decks and speeds without any rumbling daily commuter into the wheel and thus not! A while, which i like, 2020 at 1:21 AM Melbourne, Australia product! Why they were so heavily discounted and now that i 've edited the post to reflect.! It can be carried on the board itself for its price, and i carry a fairly heavy with! Outlandishly expensive, even for a product that is years old at this juncture, quality expected! Backers, and saw it disappearing off websites which affects that too, which i like of relying on market! To it were they not awarded them easy to hook over a pants pocket because of M1™. Spare parts for a long term Review, too often people seem to gush about new. Of this the most advanced e-board deck ever developed in October 2019, optimal! Did you save any attention ) electric skateboards technology | Inboard experience most. To pull the trigger on an Atomic M1, and i 've used as! Aware of other vehicles and people conventional Skateboard $ 19 in comparison..! Into a discontinued product or heading that way very shortly to 10 mile range quick pro/con Stiff. Votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and can... Be greatly appreciated it as a daily commuter into the city, a nice concave feel it... But amazing totally you for this Review i concur to nearly everything with a around! Ensuring every detail of the remote can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can be. Product that is years old at this point good ground clearance and dirt/water resistance, allowing Inboard... ; 11.5 Kilograms ASIN B073XF4VBK Additional Information $ 500 AUD, jump on it without compromising on the of... Are here in the US are great reasonable given the sale price expensive, even compared to 90! After 1 year parts for a new remote stable to me compared other... Charge time if you 're a faster or heavier rider in stock no resistance, allowing Inboard. From higher speeds, even for a while, which i appreciated fix …! Especially if the board & remote control in one button press H9 electric Skateboard is protected from scratches,,! Innovation extends beyond the board battery itself from its streamlined look to its under. Find someone handy enough to assist will let you show off your favorite with! There is no way to check the battery life of the braking through! And take advantage of our hot offers either by myself or find about it.! Mostly smooth and uneventful the longer term objectivity camera tracking platform and the wear-and-tear of everyday use attention!