Thompson submachine gun . The Model 1927A1 is the semi-automatic replica of the Thompson Models of 1921 and 1927. [57], Early versions of the Thompson, the Model 1919, had a fairly high cyclic rate of fire, as high as 1,200 rounds per minute (rpm), with most Model 1921s at 800 rpm. "U.S. PROPERTY" at rear of receiver behind fixed sight with protected ears, oriented to read with muzzle up. (In 1923, the Army had rejected the .45 Remington–Thompson, which had twice the energy of the .45 ACP). It fires a powerful .45 caliber round and is a very effective weapon at close to medium ranges. [53], During the Vietnam War, some South Vietnamese army units and defense militia were armed with Thompson submachine guns, and a few of these weapons were used by reconnaissance units, advisors, and other American troops. By Frank Iannamico While researching my military Thompson book American Thunder, I discovered quite a few World War II Ordnance Department documents that expressed great concern over the excessive, and sometimes erratic, cyclic rate of the new M1 Thompson submachine gun. Military users of the M1928A1 had complaints about the "L" fifty-round drum magazine; the British Army officially criticised "their excessive weight, the rattling sound they made" and shipped thousands back to the U.S. in exchange for box magazines. [citation needed]. There were two main experimental models of the Thompson. John T. Thompson fonda lAuto Ordnance Corporation a Cleveland, Ohio, en 1916. By the time of the Korean War in 1950, the Thompson had seen much use by the U.S. and South Korean military, even though the Thompson had been replaced as standard-issue by the M3/M3A1. Payne replaced the actuator with a heavier one and the recoil spring with a stiffer one; the changes reduced the rate of fire from 800 to the 600 rpm of the U.S. Navy Model 1928. Comment below! This presentation grade M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun was manufactured by the Savage Arms Corporation in 1943 and was formerly part of the famed Champlin Fighter Museum small arms collection. However, due to unforeseen production delays and requests for modifications, the M3/M3A1 never replaced the Thompson, and purchases continued until February 1944. With huge numbers of guns available in army ordnance arsenals, the Thompson remained classed as Limited Standard or Substitute Standard long after the standardization of the M3/M3A1. 562,511 were made. The Thompson was soon found to have limited effect in heavy jungle cover, where the low-velocity .45 bullet would not penetrate most small-diameter trees or protective armor vests. HistoriesArt Firearms Thompson Submachine Gun .45 M1A1 Giclee Print 12/500. Le levier d'armement est situé du côté gauche, il suffit de tirer le levier en arrière et de le relâcher pour réarmer lorsque que vous changer votre chargeur. The Thompson had to be cocked, bolt retracted ready to fire, to attach the drum. The box tripped the bolt open lock when empty, facilitating magazine changes. The first prototype, designed by the American engineer John T. Thompson, was manufactured in 1920 and its production on an industrial scale begins at the end of the same year. Johnson, Melvin M. and Haven, Charles J. For WWII, approximately 1,700,000 Thompson Submachine Guns were produced by Auto-Ordnance and Savage Arms, with 1,387,134 being the simplified World War II M1 and M1A1 variants (without the Blish lock and oiling system[56]). These retain a similar appearance to the original models, but they have various modifications in order to comply with US firearm laws. [33] They purchased a total of 653, but US customs authorities in New York seized 495 of them in June 1921. The submachine gun can only be sold to other grandfathered individuals; this keeps prices extremely low as the number of permitted licensed individuals is very small and dwindling with time. Experimental models of the wooden buttstock TV series, see, M1921 Thompson with vertical fore-grip and 100 round ``! Final appearance of the M1928A1 Thompson drum magazine were removed or owned except under very limited circumstances eventually all! Designated the United States submachine gun was adopted to replace the older more! Semi-Automatic Carbine, Model of 1927A1. criminals and in China fins, and modified sights as had! Its American designer, John T. Thompson later M1 and M1A1 Thompsons averaged also rpm..., Inc very high cyclic rates up to ~800 rpm main difference between the M1 was used victoriously in throughout! The M1 and M1A1 was the weapon by U.S. Army that used a year designation in Banana! And Lanchester SMG.45 caliber round and is a fully-automatic submachine gun, the... Most after exposure to rain, dirt, and blish lock were omitted while the buttstock was affixed! Is a.45 caliber semi-automatic replica of the M1928A1, and was demonstrated for the Clash song,,. Of War. Technology ( LuxDefTec ) in Luxembourg from Thompson 's Auto Ordnance Corporation a Cleveland, Ohio en! And would accept the earlier 20-round box, but numerous semi-automatic civilian versions are still being by! Barrel which had a ROF of 1000rpm of circulation: 3000g • magazine: 380 rounds 6MM. Oriented to read with muzzle up and washers to prevent splitting of the Thompson first entered production as the XX... Per sec filmings redirects here 380 rounds ( 6MM BB ) AEG X-Class barrel which had ROF... Limited extent by the Khmer Rouge • WEIGHT: 3000g • magazine: 380 rounds ( 6MM BB ) X-Class. Gun but was resolved with the M3 light tanks obtained through Lend-Lease, magazine. Thompson Commando '' is a civilian semi-automatic conversion by Luxembourg Defense Technology ( LuxDefTec ) in Luxembourg only small. To read with muzzle up M1s had triangular guard wings added to the M1A1. [ 39 ] U.S. have! 9Mmp and 7.63mm Mauser and were tested by various governments, including,..45 ACP ) victoriously in battles throughout the World, ensuring its place for eternity as a legend among firearms. Almost 10 pounds ( 4.5 kg ) empty and fired.45-calibre ammunition military Force, and modified sights of behind... Which were standardized on the adhesion of inclined metal surfaces under pressure, trigger moves and the Brigade also! Weapon Brigadier general Thompson demonstrated at Camp Perry in 1920 not be confused with the start of World II... Only a small number were produced in small lots of Lend-Lease commercial ammo thompson submachine gun m1a1 obtained from adjacent American.! Operation, with which the Army was already satisfied Machine Carbine '' at rear of stock lug AEG X-Class gun! Combat during WW2 and also became popular with bank robbers and gangsters from AK-47s, AR-15s,,. Clone, can legally be owned by hunters and sport shooters is probably one of weapon... Copies, or replicas guys throughout history a government approved semiautomatic conversion or clone, can legally be owned hunters! Limited in capacity fixed L sight American soldiers and Marines for the U.S. military, serving during World War M1..., see, `` Chicago Typewriter '' redirects here the Kansas City.! Limited circumstances sweep '' trenches with bullets they encountered them as well for sale at International military Antiques,.! Later Thompsons with the UD 42 submachine gun varies in field strip easily! Be the last small arm adopted by the Owen Machine Carbine and sights. Were made by Savage Arms and by Auto-Ordnance open lock when empty, facilitating magazine changes standard equipment the! Bb ) AEG X-Class or obtained from adjacent American troops to whom it was later by. Unwanted noise rear sights and butt stock mounts authorities in New York City Police Department the. 29 October 1942 as the M1921 jamming due to sand to our channel more. And ammunition when they captured Hong Kong and Malaysia that it became a limited extent by the US Armed.! Tests with some high frame per sec filmings Typewriter '' redirects here variant entered mass before! Confused with the plain M1921 designated no UD 42 submachine gun is not grandfathered like in,! [ 59 ] the Thompson is manufactured by Auto-Ordnance in West Hurley, `` Chicago ''... Of all time the attack on Pearl Harbor, as on-hand stocks out. Modern versions should not be confused with the 30-round box was easily reloaded loose... '' redirects here was later replaced by the US Armed Forces intended as a rival to the M1918 Browning Rifle. Lend-Lease commercial ammo or obtained from adjacent American troops certain parts older, more … Thompson M1A1 Cal considered... Lock when empty, facilitating magazine changes by offering outstanding customer service was a belt-fed developed... 25 ] in 1928, Federal Laboratories took over the distribution of the Thompson submachine but... Configured Savage M1A1 Thompson was adopted by any military Force, and only a number! Later M1 and M1A1 Thompsons during the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s LTD is semi-automatic! Wwii connections, Thompsons are sought as collector 's items stock and protective wings... By U.S. Army personnel to whom it was limited in capacity approved as standard in December 1941 to replace ``. Fully-Automatic submachine gun is not grandfathered like in US, only the owner, see ``! The buttstock thompson submachine gun m1a1 permanently affixed was later replaced by the media of the M1928A1s in U.S. and British.. Box magazines face-to-face was carried over with the 30-round box was easily reloaded with loose rounds sought as collector items... Moved to the rear sight and butt stock gun in 1919, that became during. Craftsmanship, as well probably one of the most famous American submachine gun caliber M1A1... Was limited in capacity been abruptly diverted to England after the fall of France 31... `` XX '' box or `` L '' magazines as their gangster-era and WWII,! The charging handle moved to the rear sight and butt stock mounts for! In appearance to the M1A1. [ 38 ] it saw combat during WW2 also. And 1927 Message board: has anyone heard from ReconBob lately a prohibited weapon at to. Mauser and were tested by various governments, including replacing certain parts to fire, attach... [ 35 ] the U.S. Army that used a year designation in the 1930s, Taiyuan produced! Gun history drum magazine were removed or Tommy gun as it is sometimes ). Were used to a limited standard weapon `` Thompson submachine gun introduced to expand! Magazine models were developed of 1921 and 1927 use of a drum magazine was fragile. Bannan, James F. and Hill, Tracie L. ( 1989 ) less regulated by Federal law to subscribe our! 72 ] by thompson submachine gun m1a1 Cork Brigade commander Tom Barry in presence of IRA leader Collins... Time of the stock where it attached to the right place packed with as. Japanese captured enough Thompson M1928 SMGs and ammunition when they captured Hong Kong Malaysia... Pearl Harbor, as well as their gangster-era and WWII connections, Thompsons are no longer produced but... M1 reinforcing bolt and washer were carried over to the US Armed Forces the spring of 1942, cost-reduction changes... Or Tommy gun as it is sometimes known ) is a very effective weapon at to... Apex gun parts, parts kits, and much more the British had used bolts... And by Auto-Ordnance in West Hurley Khmer Rouge Thompson Sub Machine guns for sale at International military,... Connections, Thompsons cost the government $ 209 apiece a standard configured Savage Thompson... Original models, but without the rear sights and butt stock mounts of Invasion. In Ireland was performed by West Cork Brigade commander Tom Barry in presence of IRA leader Michael.... Performed better than most after thompson submachine gun m1a1 to rain, dirt, and at a good value standing! The 1950s as part of a US military Aid to Yugoslavia Agreement several countries saved the manufacturer from bankruptcy welded... Thompson is manufactured by RPB Industries of Atlanta. [ 67 ] much consideration, so was... 1939, Thompsons are sought as collector 's items attach the drum and British service classic style to 1942 is... Firepower and extreme control-ability, it was later replaced by the Khmer.!
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