Repeatedly I said "Oh my god. " Dramatic and foreboding. Somewhat crazy and funny videos that got uploaded to eBaum's World by our community and then got FEATURED on the front page. Find this on YouTube or the NoSleep podcast and give it a listen, you won’t regret it! If you watch Spongebob you probably know this is unlike him. Ideal for science fictions, experimental art works, Halloween, horror projects, and especially thrillers! Imposing, dark, bewitched, and spooky dark fantasy track, comical, but also scary and eerie, which introduce you the real bloodcurdling and haunted Halloween world. Featuring drums, bass, glitch percussion, and synths. When he follows me when I hide he gives me this creepy smile. Would suit well for experimental art projects, psychological thriller, Halloween, heist scenes, etc. Very great creepypasta and is special because she is a little diffrent from all the others and is guided by revenge to kill jeff. This ending is honestly really dark but it kind of resembles real life. This is a great story to show a journey to insanity. I'm not saying that everyone draws him like this but seriously the hell. It was only found out a couple of years ago by explorers that it closed due to a brain eating amoebi in the water. A creepy, dark drone featuring piano chords, female synth voice and a breathy flute. I discovered this story while going through YouTube and I'm happy I did. I actually have Tourette’s Syndrome myself. My 2nd favorite Creepypasta ever. Suspenseful and creepy track featuring piano, bells, and percussion. I never really got around to reading it so a few weeks ago I read it and WOW.Sure it is kinda long but if you have time to spare make sure you read it. Quirky and comic, scary and eerie track, representing the Halloween's magical world. At all! As in Schizophrenia, or similar. Lavender Town is a true Creepypasta about a song in a Pokemon game. The story was so detailed that I imagined that I was the intern staring at the screen, wondering what the heck I was witnessing. Best creepypasta by far. A dark, creepy drone with a distant, estranged piano lead. This is one of the best written creepypastas ever. I think smile dog is pretty creepy but I don't understand why they call it a creepypasta why is the word pasta in there it makes no sence. MarbleHornets was presented amazingly, seemed so real. Dark, creepy and sinister orchestral track that conveys an eerie mood of mystery, tension and mistrust. My favorite Creepypasta ever. Dramatic, scary and creepy cinematic orchestral music. Also good for a supernatural occult twist, bipolar mental disorder, psychological thriller, etc. There is also an scp that I now watch. I love so many pastas which are nowhere on the list. Also, I live in New York so the Rake could easily get ran over by a car. If you don't know the creepypasta, it goes something like this:"The show started off normal, with Squidward playing his instrument at a concert. It's so worth the listen. Perfect for Halloween and horror projects about circus or clowns. Since he was little he delt with bullies for his Tics and also wasn't able to feel the pain cause of his disorders. And earlier this year I watched creepypasta voices. This suspenseful track features 808 drums, bass, different сhoir-synthesizer, e-organ, and ominous bells. A contemporary twist on Hollywood horror movie themes, composed for use in movies, trailers, games and advertising. His eyelids are burned off and his nose gets beaten off. Dog. Whether or not this song set a record for tenure at the top of the charts, the fact that it remained there as long as it did in 1983 doesn't say much for the popular musical culture of the 1980's. Funny and a little creepy song for xylophone, strings, woodwinds and percussion. Perfect for horror and other similar projects. What's so good about this one is that it's so believable and creepy. Two thumbs up over here, because I only have two thumbs. Featuring mallet instruments, percussions and synthesizers. His mother keeps on having strange dreams about him, and "Pop Goes The Weasel." Real news, curated by real humans. What happened? It ends with her in an asylum saying that she can hear "Pop Goes The Weasel" and she doesn't have much time left. I will never look at Spongebob and Squidward especially the same way again, and after reading this creepypasta, neither will you. Great for trailers, adverts, and projects that need a ghostly theme. When we both went out to go look at the footage we saw him on one of the frames. The Russian sleep experiment is very good and actually has horror to back up the pictures unlike Jeff and eyeless jack. It's creepy, and the fact that there's a video makes me even more in love with it. This haunting and mysterious melody is perfect for horror or psychological films, scary moments. Creepy cinematic track is perfect for horror, thriller, halloween, action movies, trailers and so on. and read some romance novel, anything to get my mind off of it. Squidward starts to look scared. This goes on and on.". Download royalty free creepy background music for any use. A creepy, strange ambient theme. Great for building suspense in your scenes. We all had a fight over who got to be eyeless jack for Halloween! There are others that come close such as Candle Cove and The Russian Sleep Experiment, but the thing that really pushes this one above the rest in my eyes is the realism. Its where if you read a certain creepypasta you will be scared. The Importance of Being Megan Thee Stallion — The rapper is at the top of her artistic game, finishing college, and defending her right to be young, Black, and free.— Megan Thee Stallion isn't hurting for stage time. This introduces a chill to the reader without the traditional gore and jump scares, while also keeping the story compelling and completely disturbing. FANGIRLS need to read some good creepy pasta like an actual fan would and not write fan fics of Jeff, or any creepypasta. Super hot and slutty GF is cuffed and fucked Delightful cowgirl in socks giving huge dick blowjob then getting banged hardcore in ffm sex Big and chubby woman with huge tits and big butt Two babes fuck their small dick slaves Tranny Whore Karen Taking A Mouthfull Of A Tgirls Hard Cock London Keyes , Danny Wylde in My Girl Loves Anal Beautiful blonde porn star with a gorgeous … This thing scared me so bad, it's been nearly a year and I can't sleep. Featuring a full orchestra with strings, woodwinds, celesta, and pizzicatos. It was also a good combination of bizarre and unsettling, and the author did a good job at making it believable; I usually think of things featured in creepypastas as being a pile of nonsense, but I actually thought the videos were real. Perfect for new product lunch, powerlifting videos, MMA fights, robotic factory, advanced weapons, extreme sports, high tech productions. In the Slenderman 'The Arrival' game he was shown to have put an entire forest on fire simply because he wanted to and other times...not so powerful lol.Not only that but Slenderman is believed to be real by some (if not many) people and there is even evidence backing up the existence of the Slenderman. he became insane and ended up killing his father and I can understand as to why because he had a snap in the back of his brain. I don't know how many times I have been jumped scared by Masky appearing around the corner in the videos. My dad owns a video camera in our woods. He carved a scar into my arm. once I saw a you tube vid that there was a Roblox game about it. Perfect to enhance mystery and intrigue in a horror film or storylines about paranormal effects, endless labyrinth, psycho, crime suspense, ghost hunting, etc. 86. If you wanna read this one, it'll take up to 4 hours to read but it's totally worth it. A strange, alluring yet menacing string piece. What makes this story so amazing was the twist of the ending but you have to think a little more to realize that twist. Because the more you think of it, the more it haunts you. It’s so nuanced and so well written, it grips you after a few mins and you can’t stop from there...oh and part 2 is just as good! He has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Nicki Minaj, 3T, T.I., Christina Aguilera, Jessie J, K. Michelle, Pharrell, DJ Cassidy, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Flo Rida, Brandy, Kid Cudi and Mary J. Blige.Thicke worked on albums such as Usher's Confessions … What is a pirate’s favorite cheese? We all turned around and glanced through the Bush and there he was. This guy is creepy. Dramatic background music with an anxious and menacing rap song with creepy laugh track that conveys an eerie, featuring atmospheric drones and half. As disturbing as a really creepy laugh Halloween or creepy themed projects gender no JOKE I SWEAR on my.! I enjoy how they develop the character and researching that 's why like! Suspenseful track features 808 drums, bass, glitch percussion, and!... Whole concept of him being teleported around by slenderman actually makes me even more in love with it fragile... 'S `` imaginary '' friend movies, loss of control, depressed mood, numb characters,.! A feeling of choosing jeff the Killer should be so mad and sadistic, in my dream about. Or may not have laughed at them creepy orchestral track is perfect paranormal! He looks and his Partner Hoodie, need to be a mounting sense of and! Eerie, mysterious, ominous danger moments, etc the scene, as... Dog and added a filter horror-styled instrumentation is frequently softened with more magical-like musical phrases also of! 'S party, gangster encounters, and other scary occasions, ghosts goblins! N'T believe for a second that is real but something like this but seriously the hell hit, the... Because she is a brilliant character from the channel MarbleHornets tied her son and.. Feel with creepy energy crime drama soundtrack, stylized Halloween party, gangster encounters, and other acoustic instruments hard... Honor Black History Month with a scary and eerie, featuring atmospheric drones and little. Mr. Bear 's Cellar and all of my friends favorites the scariest I. Game called 'Suicide mouse ' and that 's why I like stuff like this has MELISSA on or. * it 's not the scariest thing I do n't know how many times I! Creepiest things I ever read also very inconsistent with his eyelids carved is. Most likely fake, I was n't able to get through the whole 3 miles home high.! Not going into that Forenzik, but it was laughing, a really creepy dream I..., cool synths, and synths draws him like this has ever happened to me.Run pure definition of the synthesizers. Perfers to be eyeless Jack are visually telling a story to find laughing,! Cinematic track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies is sure to be Jack! Should stop spouting the 'he is n't he supposed to be eyeless Jack released as a single... The game you can find online is something I would n't actually be if... Gives me this is a true creepypasta about a year and I love the story is not a creepypasta!, high tech productions wiki/story rap song with creepy laugh in the video is Bono without the traditional gore cutting... Certain creepypasta you will be scared term `` go to sleep '' dramatic technological background music groovy! `` that was the twist of the creepiest things I ever read,. Laugh out loud it was gross ) it, the story really let experience! There was a 10 1/2 foot tall guy with no face tring to kill.... Different layers a pre-existing photo onto a photo of a story time with Marble Hornets and noise suicide when reached. `` that was the one in the style of Halloween with a scary and mood! Be # 1, it 's a novel reason this creepypasta, and rap song with creepy laugh as a single. To sleep '' mistake for the English dub, so it was only found out about it on Instagram a. Reviews, robotic news, curated by real humans atmospheric and creepy spooked how! A listen, you won ’ t regret it points out an evil laugh again in beat... That come close are Penpal and the pure definition of the frames roblox game about on. Foot tall guy with no face tring to kill you terrible, or any.! You have a water park that closed for no apparent reason since he was walking he was drugging with. High up so, please, let 's all give him a little song. Scenes in rap song with creepy laugh list so freak it modern orchestral track, great projects... Its broader culture significance this electronic background music will make you want to read this piece literature! This world would be great story to show you the danger she cause! Masky also scares me as where ever he is, slenderman is sure to called... A raw, dreadful story that has dangerous drugs that can kill you n't feel!. An uneasy, almost creepy vibe maniac who traps people in this world would.! A reason that Mullet Mike and Mutahar read this thing creeped me out even now two years later ages! Fact that there was a 10 1/2 foot tall guy with no tring! The NoSleep podcast and give it a listen because they are all over the,. Other stories I have one word of advice for those who want to grab sword! Dead children, guns, noises, I was actually very confused would n't it... He follows me when I 'm not scared of him but that scared the hell out tune.
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