These are old plants that are potted outside. Hear ‘ 45 Gardening Tips in 45 Minutes’ at WNY Herb Study Group at Botanical Gardens,, Arizona state extension service in your area, tips on dividing and repotting amaryllis here. Amaryllis plants grow from bulbs that require a dormant period each year in order to bloom. Amaryllis leaves require cutting once they have died back. However, with the bulbs that you have saved, cut off the old dried leaves before replanting the bulb. They are heavy and tall. In Maine my amaryllis helped me get through the snowy winters! And if you give away some of your collection of amaryllis, that means you have room for other plants! Continue adding a liquid feed to the water once a week until the leaves start to turn yellow. Cutting the Stalk. It’ll hit the 100’s this summer, so I’ll have to bring them in, correct? Hopefully you are growing your Amaryllis outside now… the full sun is important to recharge the bulb for future flowering. Cut the flower stalks once they yellow or sag. But forget another adage: “If you get four leaves on an amaryllis bulb, it will bloom again.” That ain’t necessarily so. This year our 3 bulbs grew buds almost as soon as we brought them inside and each had 2 huge flowerheads.This is the third year they have rebloomed. Be careful not to cut into any leaves. All of the blooms dried up so I threw them away. Ok if I I repot it with some hyacinth’s and put outside for now? Regards, Amaryllis are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10, notes Missouri Botanical Garden. NOW I have very tall straight green leaves that just keep getting taller. Avoid amaryllis problems by waiting to cut the leaves off before they turn yellow and die back. I don’t think one faded leaf should be a problem. Culture: Soil Mix & Container: Amaryllis can be potted or repotted anytime after the plants have gone through a dormant or rest period which is in fall or winter. (I do prefer terra-cotta pots for mine, deeper than wider…and no more than 1″ larger than the bulb’s diameter – they like cramped growing conditions.) Other sterilization options including wiping the blades with Lysol or other household disinfectant or ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. I am hoping for the best. Now you can move … I have my fingers crossed for you! You have lucky friends who will get these plants from you. I use primarily a soilless mix, and add in a handful of compost, a handful of good old garden soil/clay, and a handful of perlite. After the flowers fade, cut off the flower stalk with a sharp knife. For more questions, you should contact K-State Research and Extension. HOWEVER–do NOT repot close to flowering–I had 2 -3 stems out of some bulbs but last spring repotted—-they did NOT flower! I keep mine too through the year for rebloom. Repeat this process to cut off all leaves, removing the outer leaves first. Once the blooming is over, treat the plant as you would any tropical houseplant, watering as needed and fertilizing monthly. Give it a good watering until excess water flows from the drainage holes in the pot. In order for the bulb to bloom again next season, the plant must replenish its depleted food reserves. Chris, it really is a very reliable process. The pot is indoors and is watered once a week, but I certainly don’t want the leaves to grow any longer! Hi Julie, it sounds like you have outlined the situation well. The amaryllis plant stores energy in the bulb for the following growing season. Right now, it still has green leaves & has produced a secondary bulb that also has a leaf or 2. I live in the UK. How do I get my amaryllis to bloom again? Place potted bulbs in a dark, dry place with a constant temperature of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks for sharing. Once you see the flowers fade, trim off the stalks but not the leaves. Pat the metal dry with a soft cloth. ... Amaryllis bulbs should be forced about eight weeks prior to the desired winter blooming period. Through photosynthesis, the leaves will work to recharge the bulb. Sterilize the pruning shears with the bleach solution after each cut to prevent the spread of disease or pathogens, such as red blotch, a fungal disease that causes patches on the bulbs, deformed leaves and a fragile flower stalks, advises the University of Minnesota Extension. This is the first time trying to grow something. Hi Connie, When they are dead cut them off. My amaryllis are blooming now, too. 😊. I’ve had an amaryllis for 15 years(?) After an amaryllis blooms, you will be left with … Thanks for that tip. Cut the stem off at the top of the bulb. These brash beauties live for decades and thrive indoors, but even the best houseplant has its days. See more here. I actually was researching for another question and did not yet found the answer. Rose, you should contact the extension service in your area to see what will work for you. If flowered about 4 weeks ago and is now sending up another flower spike to flower again. Be careful not to cut the leaves or the top of the bulb. I keep watering it should I continue watering. (oops!) They will be able to give you the specific advice you need. And the payoff with those huge flowers is great! The plant needs the energy stored in the bulb to produce a new flower next year. I don’t want to cut them off, but can I trim them back? Then last year I had to repot it as it was well and truly potbound. Cut off all the foliage in late summer when the leaves yellow and die back.
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